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Oct 28

Granger Listed As Doubtful For Pacers Season Opener

Danny Granger

The Indiana Pacers Tip Off Tonight in Atlanta at 7pm. They will most likely be without the help of All Star Danny Granger (Pictured Above). That's not a good look for my favorite team but I got a good feeling about this season! Go Pacers! I just saw this on  Indy Cornrows:

Well that didn't take too long to deflate the premiere of the new blue and gold squad.

Mike Wells, of the Indianapolis Star, tweeted this afternoon that Indiana Pacers star forward Danny Granger is now listed as doubtful for Wednesday's season-opening contest at Atlanta. Granger, who missed the past two days of practice, is reportedly nursing a bone bruise in his heel.

Granger joins veteran Jeff Foster as the only players questionable for the team's first outing of the season. The injury bug has struck just about every player on the roster at some point during the summer or preseason. If Granger and Foster are dressed in street clothes, they will join injured rookie Tyler Hansbrough and the recovering Mike Dunleavy. Granger played in 67 games last season.

I'm thinking that Granger won't let a bone bruise stop him from playing tomorrow night. But I also saw what appeared to be a horse mounting a cow when I was driving through the rural roads of Johnson County this morning. So, anything is possible. Stay tuned for more updates.

DJ Indiana Jones
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Sep 23

Adidas, Puma Break From Rivalry For A Day

Puma Adidas Make Amends for a Day

More than 60 years after a feud between brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler resulted in the creation of rival sportswear firms Adidas and Puma, the two companies made peace for a day on the soccer pitch.

Employees from both companies played on mixed teams Monday to celebrate International Peace Day. The game was the first joint activity between the two German companies since the brothers had a falling out after World War II.

The brothers founded a shoe company in their mother's laundry room in the town of Herzogenaurach in 1924. Barbara Smit, author of Sneaker Wars, tells NPR's Madeleine Brand that for a while the joint company worked well, but it became quickly apparent that the brothers had different personalities.

"Adolf was really the cobbler. He was the rather quiet man, whereas Rudolf was more outspoken," Smit says.

Tensions arose over the years and came to a boiling point during the war. Rudolf Dassler was sent to the front, and after his return, Smit says, he was picked up by U.S. soldiers and imprisoned for about a year. He became convinced that his imprisonment was orchestrated by his brother.

The brothers split in 1948, and Rudolf Dassler founded the company that would become Puma.

The rivalry, however, helped turn the companies into multinational success stories that transformed the sneaker business.

"If you were an athlete in the '60s or the '70s, it was pretty easy, because all you had to do was go to [Herzogenaurach] and cross the river a couple of times and up the stakes," Smit says. "That's what quite a few people did. The rivalry did contribute to shape sports marketing."

The rivalry also manifested in the town itself, known as Herzo. The town had separate bakers, pubs and schools depending on which company residents supported, Smit says.

"People really had to take sides," Smit says. "They were either Adidas or Puma, and, in fact, Herzo ... became known as the 'town of the bent necks,' because you always looked at people's shoes to see what they were wearing before you struck up a conversation."

Smit says that while Monday's soccer match is unlikely to reunite the companies, it will bring the firms' workers in contact for, in some cases, the first time. Adidas and Puma employees played on mixed teams — and the team that won had both CEOs on it.

"The business rivalry, of course, remains totally intact," she says. "For some of them, it probably will be the first time they're in contact with people from the other side at a personal or sports level.


DJ Indiana Jones
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Sep 19

Indiana sets up in-home with Selby

Josh Selby

Already involved heavily with one of the top point guards in the country - Kyrie Irving - the Indiana University basketball staff is now in the mix with another.

Maeshon Witherspoon, the mother of top guard Josh Selby, said Indiana has made contact with her and will have an in-home visit with her son next Tuesday.

Selby still has in-home visits from Miami (Fla.), Syracuse and a second with Kentucky, now adding the Hoosiers to the long list.

"Indiana is new," Witherspoon said. "It was last night. But what I told everybody is that it was going to be hard to make a decision because we were not going to exclude any schools.

"I could never do a list because we didn't want to count anybody out. Coach (Roshwon) McLeod was the point man and I have also talked to coach (Tom) Crean."

Witherspoon said the coaches didn't talk about Irving or the late inquiry about Selby only sayin they "apologized" for not getting involved sooner. Irving has long been an IU target but the Hoosiers are battling Duke and Kentucky and Texas A&M are also involved for Irving.

"Coach McLeod and I had a real good conversation and then coach Crean and I had another good conversation. They said they wanted to come in and do an in-home and we're fine with it."

UK was in the home earlier in the week but coach John Calpari didn't make it, so Witherspoon said the Wildcats wanted another visit. UK will make it's second visit next Thursday. Witherspoon said assistants Rod Strickland and Orlando Antigua made the first visit.

A former Tennessee commitment, Selby is ranked No. 4 nationally in the Class of 2010 by Rivals.com and No. 10 by Scout.com.

Witherspoon said the in-home visits have been "going great." Selby is expected to narrow his list down after the in-homes are finished.

"It's been good," she said. "I was not expecting everybody to come as well and prepared as they have. They have all come with a game plan. It's been good."

Via: Courier Journal

DJ Indiana Jones
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Sep 17

Colts sign WR Baskett

Hank Baskett

Bring Wifey and score 6 TD's and we cool!

Kendra Baskett

In need of a veteran presence at wide receiver while Anthony Gonzalez recovers from a knee injury, the Indianapolis Colts turned to Hank Baskett.

The team signed Baskett, a 27-year-old free agent who played three-plus seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, to a one-year contract today and he was on the practice field this afternoon.

“It’s good to have another veteran,’’ Colts quarterback Peyton Manning said. “Hopefully we can catch him up to speed as much as possible so if we had to put him in there to play he’d be ready.

“It’s a lot of offense to learn in a couple of days, but he’s been in a complicated offense in Philadelphia and he’s a veteran. He can only help us.’’

Baskett, 6-4 and 240 pounds, caught 72 passes for 1,052 yards and six touchdowns for Philadelphia before being released recently. He played collegiately for New Mexico.

The Colts added Baskett to help fill the void created when Gonzalez sprained a ligament in his right knee in Sunday’s season opener.

Via: Indy Star
DJ Indiana Jones
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Sep 04

SkullCrusher Football Team

Brandon Jacobs
Franchise Player Brandon Jacobs Stunts for your boy!

I Wanted to Introduce you to this year's IHFFL SkullCrusher Team:

Last year I was upset in the playoffs and this year it won't be that easy! This year there will be no breakdowns mentally or physically, I will adapt, react and exact my will upon the competitors in this league. So without further adieu here is the rest of The Skullcrusher Starting Lineup and a couple of my "Wild Cards"

Joseph Addaimarques colston

Joseph Addai RB Indianapolis - Don't believe the Donald Hype. Joseph is still the Man and he won't let me down this year. Healthy, he is a top 7 back in the league and when he shares carries, he's even more dangerous.

Marques Colston WR New Orleans - No team throws more than the Saints (Except maybe the Cards), and no one catches more pills than The Pharmacist - Marques Colston (I just made that up, but go ahead and use it)!

Roy WilliamsMatt Ryan

Roy Williams WR Dallas - Okay now Big Mouth is gone and we can get down to business. No more Crying (There's no crying in Baseball - so FOOTBALL, you should get your ass kicked) to the press, no more hurricanes just a HUGE scoreboard that should be the only thing blocking your reception total this year, PLAYAH!

Matt Ryan QB Atlanta - Matty won me a Trophy in my other league last year so he should be able to at least manage the game and toss a couple fair ones to Gonzo. Roddy White, Get your mind right and get my man some sixes.. Rolexes for erryone on Some Dan Marino Shit!

Antonio GatesMinnesota Vikings Defense

AntoEnio Gates TE San Diego - OK, first of all, I Despise the San Diego Chargers. They Suck All Year, but the weather doesn't. The only time they are nasty in the playoffs is when they play the Colts, and have you ever been to SD? It's Freakin PERFECT... So AntoEnio always does work when his Toe ain't jammin.. so this one's for you AntoEnio, Do some work and we will call that Playoff shit even.

Minnesota Vikings Defense - I hate Brett Favre. Never been a fan. I don't really respect him as a player or a gunslinger or a retiree for that matter. BUT I love Viking Fans and the Defense is particularly nasty. I mean if Brett starts doin that Vinny Intercepteverde dance he likes to do in December, watch Jared and the boys put him out in practice and let Tavaras Disco the rest of the season. Brett, hand the ball off and the defense will be good to you in practice.

Josh BrownChris Chambers

Josh Brown K St. Louis - All I know is he used to be in Seattle and now he's kicking in a dome.. should be FREAKING happy to be out the elements so stay focused and get three at a time for the kid.

Chris Chambers WR San Diego - See Antonio.. Just taller and faster and clutch for a TD or two.

Chris Henry

Chris Henry WR Cincinnati - Which Chris Henry will show up? The one that goes all out for the Touchdown or the First Down over the middle in the corner, or wherever Carson Palm Job Tosses it? Or the Alien Chris Henry that spills Cristal on his Pistol while drivin drunk after a preseason win? I mean if dude can stay out of jail, keep his Lawyer weight up, or just be a decent human being and not an alien, he will be makin OchoCinco change his jersey again!

Other Reserves - Laron McClain FB Baltimore - Gets the red zone carries and set to have a solid year. Fred Jackson FB Bills - Carries galore while Brother Marshawn Lynch Hung is suspended for packin more than amex. Dudes need to hire security for real!

I will see You in the Super Bowl!

DJ Indiana Jones


DJ Indiana Jones
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